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We’re a nimble, North Carolina advertising agency who partners with visionary leaders to grow their passions.

Why does the farmer rise before the rest of us? Or the paramedic work into the late hours of the night? Each has a different answer, but they all find their root in one thing: purpose.

Catalyst Advertising was founded to be a meaningful, long-term advertising partner to those who have deep-rooted purpose behind their work. That’s why our ideal client is not a client. They’re a partner with whom we share victories and frustrations. One who expects us to learn, understand and evolve with their brand. Is this you?

Sure, we’re delighted to deliver an amazing one-time solution for your website or social media presence. However, the thing that makes us tick is working alongside a leader with a vision. And helping them get there.

Ready to join forces? Be purposeful. Drop us a line.


We turn ‘no names’ into the ‘name to know.’



Small by design, we can focus more intently on your needs, not our overhead.

Catalyst Advertising is a nimble, North Carolina advertising agency who partners with visionary leaders to grow their passions. Small by design, we give personalized service and acute attention to your needs. Our specialties are identity branding, website development, graphic design & online marketing. The leaders who partner with us are often found in small businesses, public service, ministries or non-profits. We want you to think of us as your remote marketing team.

Are you looking to define yourself with a new brand, or are you simply tired of your outdated logo? We specialize in startups and start overs. We begin by branding, developing your logo and brand standards. The next step is a WordPress website. We will create a template based site for you, or a custom site depending on your needs and budget. The final step is advertising: getting the product in front of your customers. Our graphic design services lend themselves to print and traditional advertising. We also offer paid search marketing for our online clients. Need social media help? We offer startup help and consultations to help you stay on top of your online presence.


Our 3 Steps will take you from Startup to Success:


1) Branding + Identity

2) Website Development

3) Reoccurring Advertising


Where does your business fit?

  • Startup (starting for the first time or refreshing their identity)
    1. Branding and Identity
      1. Logo and Collateral Design
      2. Website Development
  • Social Media Setup and Training
  • Success
    1. Brand execution through advertising
    2. Inbound Marketing
      1. Website Management
      2. Marketing Materials
    3. Outbound Marketing
      1. Traditional Advertising
      2. Paid Search Marketing



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The Catalyst Process

Effective and straightforward, our process will lead you to your goal.

The Catalyst Process

First Contact

Coffee or tea? We’ll learn what you’re passionate about and how we can help turn your vision into a reality.

Project Overview

Measure twice, cut once. We’ll provide a clear services proposal and estimate, if needed.


Vision becomes reality. We’ll work hand-in-hand on a mutually established timeline to exceed your expectations.


The fun part. After your approval, we’ll package design files for print and tidy up website code to go live.


We won’t leave you hanging. We’ll make sure your product is as beautiful in print or on the web as it was on the mockups.



This is our toolkit to your success.

Brand Development

Timeless logo and brand design. 

Brand Execution

From business cards to car wraps. 

Customized Websites

Branded, unique web presences. 

Graphic Design

Clean and eye catching. 

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Google Adwords? Check. 

Social Media Management

Turn conversations into conversions. 

Print Fulfillment

Promotionals to paper products.

Search Engine Optimization

Get found by your customers. 


Recent Work

Take a look at some of the brands we've worked with recently.

First Call Website
Salty Paws Pet Treats Packaging
Salty Paws Pet Treats Logo
Salty Paws Pet Treats Website
da Vinci’s Table Website
Red’s Aerial Film Company Logo
Ripple Effect Logo
Renova Solutions Logo
Ector for Clerk
Griffin McClure Rack Card
Hanford Law Firm
LabRecruiters & Valley Street Joint Palm Card
Griffin McClure Billboard
Griffin McClure Logo
Lamar Sharpening Brochure
CVCHIP Patient Brochure
Charles Ingram for Congress
Lamar Sharpening
Michael Ramsey
Medical Express
Faith Christian Academy
Valley Street Lab Partners Website
TickleMyRibs BBQ
Hanford Law Firm Website
Faith Christian Academy Website
Race Tech Race Cars Website
LabRecruiters Website
Light Cannon Films Website
John W. Cox Palm Card
Tony Johnson, Architect
Tony Johnson, Architect
Tony Johnson, Architect
Indeed Realty
US Congressman Mark Walker
US Congressman Mark Walker
US Congressman Mark Walker
Logos Christian Academy
Tony Johnson Architect
John W. Cox for Judge
Bethlehem Church


Don't take our word for it.

Website Upgrade

Catalyst Advertising helped me update and upgrade my website this year. He was very easy to work with and delivered excellent service at a reasonable price.

Rep. Dennis RiddellNC Legislator District 64

100% Committed

I appreciate your thoughtfulness and guidance through the entire election process. You are wise beyond your years and often were the voice of reason, when there were difficult choices to be made. The design work you did for my campaign was very professional and was on a level of statewide or national campaign materials. I was head and shoulders above my opponent from a branding and marketing perspective and that was thanks to you. I would recommend you and your firm without reservation. I also appreciate your ability to meet obscure and last minute deadlines without any fuss. When something needed to be done last minute, you jumped in and did it. When you are in a campaign it is absolutely crucial to know that those who are working with you are 100% committed to your success and you were without question. Thank you so much for all of your help and I wish you continued success.

John W. CoxCandidate for Judge

Rare Combination

Catalyst Advertising allowed our church to take a much needed step forward with a logo that clearly reflected our identity and mission. We have a multi-generational church and Sam was able to construct a logo that appealed to everyone. He took time with our staff, getting to know us and our heart for the future. He answered all of our questions in a timely and courteous manner, and delivered a product that exceeded our expectations. It’s rare to find such a combination of skill, humility, and passion in one organization, but Catalyst Advertising has it all. Do you and your organization a favor and enlist the services of Catalyst Advertising immediately!

Dr. Michael RamseyBethlehem Baptist Church




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